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How did I get here?

17th January 2010

break o' Dawn

random - kristin & maddie

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random - kristin & maddie

  • good.
    I was hoping you would. =P
    • of corse.. by the way I like what you did to your icon!

      YOu two are really cute...!
      • thanks! <3
        but actually, zombiequeen did it ;)
        • Still, its really cute, YOU TWO ARE REALLY CUTE.

          It looks like you are in the middle of a theme park.

          Yeah know? Like Sea world or something.

          I like it.!

          mad props to your chicka.
          • thank you so much <3
            we're not at the theme park, he was at a workshop and had been there for five days, and I missed him like crazy, so on the last day I went to visit him and see the performances. [it was a music workshop, he was conducting high school kids] and I was all over him.. the high school kids lvoed it. lol. =)
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