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How did I get here?

17th January 2010

break o' Dawn

random - kristin & maddie

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random - kristin & maddie

  • l0ve2themaxx

    This is a friend's only rating community for couples who feel they are in love and wonder if the world feels the same way. If you think you belong here, check out the user info, join, fill out an application, and you'll see how the LJ world feels about you& your special someone.

    I saw you in another love community and would love if you joined mine. If not, it's really ok. I just thought it'd be cool to see what people thought about you! There will be challenges, contests, and of course you'll see what others think about you and your special someone. If you are not interesting, i'm very sorry about the spam.

    -- MOD, Gabi.
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