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How did I get here?

17th January 2010

break o' Dawn

random - kristin & maddie

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random - kristin & maddie

  • add me!!!
  • hey Steph...

    I see that Im on your f-list and vice versa...yet Im not allowed to read your posts. Is there a mistake by any chance? Was I cut off if so, Im not completely removed.

    Just letting you know.
  • hey you seem cool, i added you =)
  • Steph it's aussie ... add my new name please?
  • Hey Steph - I was just reading through an old entry and saw you had commented. I just wanted to say that I miss you and I'm sorry for the way I acted. I'm feeling a little better/less bitter as Matt and I are almost 8 months into the deployment (it sure has been a while, huh?) If you'll have me back, I'd love to be friends again. If not, I'll completely understand. XOXO <3
    • good to hear from you, Kristen. I always understood your opinion and was at least glad that you could say it to my face. I'll add you back. :)
  • Hey hun! I added you <3 :D
  • Hi! Sorry to contact you in your personal journal but you have been invited to a community of mine, sucreries. Please go to your invites and either accept or reject my invite. Hope to see you there, Bekki.
  • add me
  • *still needs that email*

    And will you readd me? Or not.. lol

    If you don't want to that's fine. I replied to your post, but Idk if you saw it, lol. <33
  • I saw you in _cute_couples and I thought you might be interested in joining this community as well. There is lots of fun stuff, so I thought you might like to check it out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Steph! It's Hannah, if you even still remember me haha. I'm back to LJ after being gone FOREVER, and I only just now found you, what with your new name and all! May I be added again?
    • Of course, love. I don't update too much, but I'm still around here and there. I'll add you back now.
  • Hi, Steph. It's Bianca. Been about a year since we last talked online. I'm back on LiveJournal and hoping you'll add me? Take care. :)
  • You have been accepted to Long_Term_Love. Please post an application within 3 days.
  • hi :)

    idina love = friends?

  • Hey Steph, add me?
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