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How did I get here?

17th January 2010

break o' Dawn

random - kristin & maddie

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random - kristin & maddie

  • I saw you in _cute_couples and I thought you might be interested in joining this community as well. There is lots of fun stuff, so I thought you might like to check it out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Steph! It's Hannah, if you even still remember me haha. I'm back to LJ after being gone FOREVER, and I only just now found you, what with your new name and all! May I be added again?
    • Of course, love. I don't update too much, but I'm still around here and there. I'll add you back now.
  • Hi, Steph. It's Bianca. Been about a year since we last talked online. I'm back on LiveJournal and hoping you'll add me? Take care. :)
  • You have been accepted to Long_Term_Love. Please post an application within 3 days.
  • hi :)

    idina love = friends?

  • Hey Steph, add me?
  • (no subject) - erinbeltsitout
    • Yeah, I'll totally add you, but I'm going through a really crappy time right now, so my entires are less than happy. :p
  • Hey love I commented back to your anon. comment not thinking that you wouldn't get an email about it, dur! Anyway, because I know you'll probably be lost as shit for the first day or two, I wanted to catch you up quickly and let you know I'm living in Argentina for the summer with Dustin, who's down here for work. That's the very short explanation, but will hopefully make things make more sense!
    • Haha, hi love. That's really exciting.. I hope you're having fun! :)

      Um.. I'd do the same, but I'd rather not put it all out there in a public entry. Besides, you read the MySpace blog. *sigh*

  • Join notall_beauty Today!
  • Hey, I don't mean to spam but I noticed you were a member of sknny_bitches and I thought you might be interested in it's sister community. Here's a little "ad" for it that gives information on it.

    Sick of the conventional rating communities where you're judged based on your looks?
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    Felt like there just wasn't a rating community out there for you?

    There is!

    notall_beauty is a rating community where no salute is required, members vote based on personality only, and people are very friendly! It's a wonderful place and is very active despite the fact that after our old community was unfairly suspended, not a lot of the members came back. There's so much to do and the moderators are always up for suggestions concerning new activities and new ways to make points.

    Despite it's high activity now, we're trying to make it even more active - that's where you come in. Don't be afraid to apply. notall_beauty has three made applications and a "Make your own application" option as well!

    Still not convinced? Read some of the testimonials members have provided.

    You're guaranteed to love notall_beauty, so apply today!
  • hey hey! as you pointed out, we love so many of the same people we should definitely be friends i think =)

    i added you =) xoxo
  • Hey we used to be friends like foreverrr ago. Just wondering if I can be added? : )
  • (no subject) - simplebeginings
  • Hello love! Well I added you and I hope you don't mind :)
  • Thank you!
  • Hey Steph! :)
    I don't know if you remember me, but I was on your friends list way back when. (I had a different username though)
    I pretty much disappeared from LJ for a long time, but I'm getting back into updating more often and I was wondering if you would add me back to your friends list? I definitely miss your updates ♥
  • Hey girl!

    Adding you for the SJB love xD
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