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How did I get here?

17th January 2010

break o' Dawn

random - kristin & maddie

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random - kristin & maddie

  • Hey, I hate to bug you on your own journal, but I really don't know where else to do it. :P I'm a member of your community, _deeply_in_love and I posted my app last week and was never officially accepted. I got all "yes" votes from the members, but no notice saying I was accepted. I didn't want to start posting/voting until it was okay to.

    Also, I love your community and look forward to being in it for a long time to come! :)

  • sister community?


    I was wondering if were could be sister communities? My community it _only1truelove. PLEASE?? If not, thats alright. You should join anyways!!

    <3 Stef
  • I think I already asked you to be a sister community to _deeply_in_love.

    Now Im asking to be a sister community to TrueLJGirlfriend??
  • You never added me back. :[

    Your punishment:

    Join it, now. lol
  • Hey Steph, this is Bianca. :) I'm back on LJ, I've missed you! Add me? ♥
  • Would love to be added. :)
  • Hiiiii! I'm Audrey. I found you through Jesy's lj--I love her! I just wanted to friend you cause anyone who is friends with Jesy--NO WAY they're boring :)
  • __riotsquadddd
  • Steph:

    Noticed you unadded me. I am sorry to see you go. But all the same I wish you and Mark well and hope for the best for you guys.

    Take care.

  • HI :) We have 5 friends in common, do you wanna add eachother? ;)
  • Hey, I'm KC.. I saw you comment on sorachan's journal.. or something like that name. & I decided to add you..

    Add me back?

  • hey hun- sorry it took me forever to comment here, i havent been on lj in a while!!!

    please keep me!?
  • Hey! x_whitney_x suggested I added you, add me?

  • Hey stef, just wanted to promote this!

    COme join romance_drive
  • Hi Steph, I'm in twoheartslove with you and thought I'd ask if you wanna join another relationship community. We just opened but have many members, couple of the month, theme of the month, and much more! If you're not interested, please just delete this. Sorry for the spam ♥
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